Brilliant color. Superb workmanship. An option for every price range.


Chenille Emblems

These premium emblems are made with the finest quality yarn, tightly looped to form a thick, even pile. Our customers usually choose chenille/yarn lettering on these emblems, which is the highest quality, but we also offer embroidered lettering, and screen-printing as our most economical option (you can see all options in the samples at left). Emblems are often custom-made, but our templates include:

  • Stars
  • Shields
  • Circular badges
  • Sports equipment, including footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc.
  • Musical Lyres


Machine Embroidered Emblems

These emblems are durable and washable – an excellent value for large runs. All emblems are custom embroidered.



Screen Processed Emblems

This is our lowest priced award. Best for fine detailing that cannot be achieved with embroidery or chenille.

We also offer screen processed emblems with a machine embroidered border, combining the fine detail of screen processing with the richness of embroidery. A good value and highly durable.