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Categories include: All Stars, Archery, Badminton, Band, Small Bars, Large Bars, Baseball (x-bats), Baseball (ball), Basketball, Bowling, "Capt.", "Champs", Cheer (megaphone), Cheer (jumping girl), Cheer (pom-pom girl), "Co-Capt.", Crew, Cross Country, Dance, Diver (female), Diver (male), Drama Masks, Fencing, Field Hockey (x-sticks), Football, Frisbee, Golf, Gymnastics (female), Gymnastics (male), Ice Hockey (player), Ice Hockey (wing skate), Ice Hockey (x-sticks), "JV", Lacrosse, Lamp of Knowledge, Lyre (chorus), "Mgr.", "MVP", Rifle, Rugby, Sailing, Ski (alpine, downhill), Ski (nordic, x-country), Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Stars, Swim (female), Swim (male), Tennis (squash), Track Shoe (with feather), Track Shoe (without feather), "Trainer", Unified Sports, Volleyball, Water Polo, Winged Foot, Wrestling, "2014", "2015", "2016", "2017"
Order of colors is color of embroidered detail, color of embroidered fill, color of felt background

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